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Astrophysicist Joe Pesce is back — This time, on video!

Astrophysicist Joe Pesce is making his return to the forums after last year’s popular AMAs. He returns to answer even more of your questions, with an additional twist: this time around, he’ll be on video.

Senior Writer Chelsea Gohd will be interviewing Joe this week to chat about some interesting astrophysical tidbits. Of course, they’ll also be taking on your most pressing questions about the universe. 

So, here’s what you need to do for a chance at having your question featured in the discussion: head over the forums, login to your account (or sign-up), and post your question over at this thread. Then, check back on the forums when we post the interview following Friday’s recording to see if your question was featured.

Who knows, you may even impress Dr. Joe with your clever query! 


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