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Chrome Music Lab lets you experiment with music through play

Forget piano lessons and sheet music: Google is making it fun and easy to learn the basics of music online with a series of hands-on experiments at the Chrome Music Lab.

Teachers, schoolchildren and even adults can learn something new at the lab – or at least have some fun while they’re there.

About a dozen experiments, as the modules are called, can be used in the browser and don’t require any special knowledge.

Activities include using a sequencer to arrange little ditties or to create melodies. The spectrogram, which shows the spectrum of frequencies of a trumpet, for example, is visually arresting – as is a piano experiment that visualises chords.

And wherever there’s a piano, a synthesiser is often not far away. The oscillator, which generates a continuous signal by constantly repeated oscillations, is a standard function on a synthesiser. At the lab, it becomes a fun tool, allowing you to modulate the waves at will by pushing or pulling a cartoon. – dpa


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