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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Season 5 Now Live

Timed Content During Season 5

Season 5 brings with it a slew of new content, with an exclusive set available only for specific times, and a few others as a part of specific challenges. These will give you some new opportunities to spice up your Spartans and online personas in MCC. Read on below to get a look at what you can expect – and, for some info on how to add them to your armory.

Timed Nameplates

Below are the two unique timed Nameplates that you will need to just log-in to earn. Be sure to hop in during the months of February and March in 2021 to snag these two and show your support to your fellow Spartans for Black History Month and Women’s History Month:

Black History Month: February is Black History Month, log in during the month of February 2021 to secure the Nameplate just below.


Women’s History Month: In the month of March 2021, you can log in at any time to snag the all-new Women’s History Month Nameplate below.


Timed Seasonal Challenges

This season includes 12 unique seasonal challenges and four of them include customization items as rewards. Check out their details below:

Because You Begged – Perform an Assassination against an Elite to survive a fall that would’ve been fatal in the Halo: Reach campaign.

Reward: Mister Chief Mariner Helmet and 77,000 XP

Release the Geese! – Complete the Halo 3 mission “Halo” on Legendary with all players in Mongeese at the end of the mission.

Reward: Hazard Pay Mongoose skin and 77,000 XP.

Challenge: Combo Maker – Complete the “Guilty Shot” and “Who, What, Win” challenges. “Guilty Shot” requires you to get 343 headshot medals with the Battle Rifle in matchmade games which earn you 3 Season Points and 50,000 XP. “Who, What, Win” requires you to win 25 ranked matchmade games and earns you 3 Season Points and 50,000 XP. When completing these two, it will fulfill the requirements for the Seasonal Challenge “Combo Maker” with the rewards below.

Reward: Lucky Shot BR skin and 77,000 XP.

Challenge: Strong in the Week – Complete 30 weekly challenges.

Reward: Quickdraw Nameplate, 4 Season Points, 200,000 XP.



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