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Health department vaccinates close to 1,400 on Jan. 8

MANISTEE COUNTY – District Health Department #10 is asking for patience as it works to secure more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. On a Facebook post Friday, DHD#10 officials said more “shifts, adjustments, cancellations and reschedules,” could await those planning to receive the vaccination in coming weeks. “We will have to make last minute changes and all our plans may go out the window, but please know we are doing everything humanly possible to get this vaccine out to those in the priority groups and then to anyone who wants it,” part of the post read. Expecting more doses of vaccine, DHD#10 opened vaccine clinics and reported scheduling appointments with over 7,000 people in its 10-county coverage area. DHD#10 still plans to host the clinics throughout the week in all 10 counties. “We found out we were not getting the full order through the state, so we needed to shut down scheduling until we receive enough vaccine to accommodate those who already scheduled,” the post read. Vaccine allocation is distributed at the federal level to each state and then states must determine how much to give to each hospital system and health department across the state, according to the health department. DHD#10 reported it had received 975 vaccines, despite having requested 3,900 from the state this week. While it was able to secure more doses of the vaccine through its regional partners, the organization said it will still need to shift some appointments to the following weeks. “What’s important to realize is we cannot order more vaccine than we are able to push out through vaccine clinics. And we cannot schedule appointments if we do not have enough vaccine. We also must administer every vaccine in a vial once opened or they will spoil, so if a clinic only has…


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