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Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Next Event Brings Us “Energetic Yellow Spirits” On January 29th

We’re not long into 2021 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is continuing to offer some interesting weekly events. Covering themes like star power, facial hair and Ultimate’s speediest characters, Nintendo has kept these varied, and next up is the colour yellow. Yes, you read that correctly.

Beginning on Friday 29th January and lasting for 3 days, this time around we’ve got a Spirit event. As a result, expect to see plenty of yellow characters across the Spirit Board. In the artwork above, you can spot notable characters like Super Sonic, Wiggler and Pikachu.

Items are also present – including Stars, Shine Sprites and Golden Mushrooms – and winning these battles will earn more gold than usual.

Will you be taking part in this week’s Spirit event? Is yellow a favourite colour? Let us know in the comments.


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